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The Lakeside Villas at Crittenden Estate’s Service Charter ensures you receive the highest quality service throughout your dealings with us.

Our services include:

  • Luxury accommodation on a vineyard
  • Access to a wide range of information to explore the Mornington Peninsula
  • Facilities for people with special needs, including people with disabilities, elderly people, children, dietary requirements and multicultural needs.

You can expect:

  • Accommodation which aims to meet your specific needs and requirements
  • An information service which is responsive to your needs and provides local information beyond the vineyard
  • Convenient check-in and check-out procedure with a pin code system
  • Prompt responses to your enquiries, comments or complaints
  • Respect for your privacy at all times.

Help us to help you by:

  • Leave The Villas in the same neat condition as when you checked-in
  • Providing us with feedback on how we may improve our services, or how we can help to resolve a specific problem
  • Ensuring that children in your care are properly supervised (particularly near the lake)
  • Complying with our terms and conditions and information within the Compendium.

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